Add Users In Xero

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Add Users Into Your Xero Subscription

If you want to add an user or remove an user within your Xero organisation please follow these simple steps. Please read more about different User Roles in Xero

How To Add A User

  1. Go to the Settings tab
  2. Select “General Settings”
  3. Select “Users” (is located on the right hand side under the heading Organization)
  4. Press on the “Invite a User” button

Please enter the details such as name and email, then choose the access level you want them to have into your accounts in Xero and then press the “Continue” button. Now the user will be saved and added with a “Pending” status to your list of users. The last step is to send the invitation to the person and they only need to follow the link they receive in the email from you to create their password. When the person have accepted your invitation the status will change from pending into active instead.

Remove A User

If you want to remove a user in your organisation, please follow the steps 1-3, then select the user you want to remove and press the button “Delete”.

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