BAS Reporting

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There are a couple of ways of reporting for your BAS in Saasu.  You need to know if you pay your tax based on Cash or Accrual – if you are unsure please contact your Accountant.

Provided that all your data is correct, this report will advise you of your tax liability or refund for the quarter

  • Click on reports
  • Select Tax reports (you can skip this step and scroll to the bottom of the page and the tax reports will be there.  There are 3 reports to choose from
  • Business Activity statement detail – which will show you each individual transaction inside each tax heading. Its good to print this and file with your copy of your BAS
  • Business Activity statement summary – this one is used to fill in your BAS and shows a summary of each category.  Print this one also and file with your copy of your BAS
  • Tax Code report – provides you information about the amounts of tax for a given date range for each tax code you use in your business.
  • Click on Business Activity Statement Summary

  • Click on the report period that you require
  • Click on the year
  • Click on using the cash or accrual  (you need to know which method you have chosen to report your tax to the tax office)
  • Click view report

This BAS Summary report shows you in detail where the figures belong on your BAS statement.  This report is accurate provided you have entered the correct figures into Saasu.

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