Chart Of Accounts In Xero

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To tidy up your chart of accounts in Xero please follow these simple steps

To Add A New Account

  1. Go to the settings tab
  2. Select general settings
  3. Select chart of account
  4. Press on the “Add Account” button
  5. Select the type of account you want to create by pressing on the arrow
  6. Add a unique code to the account you are creating
  7. Add a name
  8. Also add a description to what you are coding into the account
  9. Important! Select the correct default tax setting to the account
  10. Save

Review Your Payroll In Xero

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The Xero payroll is a powerful tool to minimise the time it takes to manage payments to your team as well as superannuation. To get the most out of it, it needs to be set up in the best way. When we convert clients from a different accounting system, we set up the payroll with the settings from the old system, but often find that information is missing. So reviewing payroll settings is essential. Here is how to get the most out of it.

Review Your Payroll Settings

  1. Go to the settings tab
  2. Select general settings
  3. Select payroll settings

In the first tab review your bank account and to which accounts your payroll items are being coded. If you are using tracking categories select the appropriate employee group and timesheet category. We sometimes find that there is an expense account set up for each employee or that each payment type is booked to a different account.  This often clutters a Chart of Accounts and makes the reporting less useful. There are other reports that can show the costs by employee.

Make sure that the bank account is chosen that you actually pay your employees from.

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Should I Enter Bills and Create Batch Payments In Xero?

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Xero has another time-saving feature: batch payments. However, it is not the best solution for every situation. Here is how to decide whether it is for you.

Batch payments allow you to upload a bank file (ABA) with all payment details for when you pay your suppliers, so you do not have to enter them into your bank portal. This process also automates the emailing of a payment advice to anyone you paid.

However, it means you need to enter all bills into Xero and make sure that the bank details of your suppliers are up to date in the contact section.

The other option is to create your expenses from the bank feed without having to enter anything.  Read more ›

Invoice Setup In Xero

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Xero includes a standard template that you can use for your client invoices. It is simple to add your details and logo.

You can further customise your invoice branding through a DOCX template (Read More)

Setup your invoice template

  1. Go to the settings tab
  2. Select “General Settings”
  3. Select “Invoice Settings” that is located under the heading Features

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All Xero’ed Up

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Back from the Christmas break, we have already achieved 4 great new things this year:

  1. Karin is now a registered BAS agent.
  2. Bonnie is our third Xero certified consultant.
  3. We have finally been able to put the Xero sign on our door.
  4. And have publicly launched our new conversion service (Jet Convert) as a Xero Add-on partner.

Karin (newly registered BAS agent), our new Xero sign, Bonnie (newly certified Xero consultant) and Alexander (happy about the conversion service).

We’ve been running the conversion service for the past 6 months (and completed about 250 conversions), mainly focusing on our own clients and some large conversion clients. Now every accountant and bookkeeper can create beautiful conversions for their clients. All our conversions include full transactional history from the beginning of the financial year.

So all invoices, quotes, orders, credit notes, payments, bank transactions, general journals, contact details and items come across exactly as they were in MYOB. No need to go back to the old file. We offer that at a fixed price, no matter how large the file and you’ll have your Xero org ready within 3 working days of ordering the conversion.

Xero partners can benefit from special pricing or send their clients to the Jet Convert directly.

We look forward to another great year with Xero where the network grows and the connections strengthen. Wishing you a beautiful 2013.

Add Users In Xero

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Add Users Into Your Xero Subscription

If you want to add an user or remove an user within your Xero organisation please follow these simple steps. Read more ›

The Most Important New Features In Xero

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Follow these steps to get the most out of the new Xero updates today.

Xero have released information about email templates, they have updated and renamed the “Account Receivable” and Account Payable” to Sales and Purchases, you can add payment terms and there are now two different statement types that you can email your clients. Read more ›

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