Extensions for registered BAS agents

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BAS extensionIf you use a registered BAS agent you can get an extension on your BAS lodgement

Did you know that if you use a registered BAS agent to lodge your quarterly BAS returns you can get up to an extra 4 weeks to lodge your BAS?

The legislation recognises that it is important to have a competent and experienced registered BAS agent (or Tax agent) submit their BAS’s due to the incidence or errors and omissions in BAS’s, therefore they have introduced legislation requiring bookkeepers to have prescribed qualifications and experience as well as adherence to a code of professional conduct.

The ATO have a special lodgement program for BAS agents, but its must be lodged electronically by the BAS Agent Portal or ECI. The chart below shows the lodgement dates for registered BAS agents.

Unfortunately monthly BAS’s don’t receive any extension beyond the 21st of the following month.

Quarterly lodgementOriginal due dateRegistered agent concession for lodgement and payment if lodging electronically
Quarter 1, 2011-1228 October 201125 November 2011
Quarter 2, 2011-1228 February 2012n/a
Quarter 3, 2011-1228 April 201226 May 2012
Quarter 4, 2011-1228 July 201225 August 2012 to be confirmed by the ATO at a later date.

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