Invoice Setup In Xero

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Xero includes a standard template that you can use for your client invoices. It is simple to add your details and logo.

You can further customise your invoice branding through a DOCX template (Read More)

Setup your invoice template

  1. Go to the settings tab
  2. Select “General Settings”
  3. Select “Invoice Settings” that is located under the heading Features

  1. If you want to add a “New Branding Theme” click on that button, otherwise we recommend to edit the Standard template by selecting the “Options” button located on the right hand side
  2. Add your logo
  3. Select the “Options” button again and select edit

In this area you can do the following:

  • Change the name on the Branding Theme (so you can differentiate between multiple ones you might have)
  • Edit the margin, the font and font size
  • Enter your PayPal email to have payment links automatically appearing on all invoices (It gives your clients another payment option. They do not have to have a PayPal account, but can just use their credit card.)
  • Add your terms and payment advice (probably the most important section!)
  • Enter your contact details as they should appear at the top of all the PDFs you print or send out etc. (they are prefilled from the company details that are in Xero, but you might want to add or amend them)
  • If you are using inventory items in Xero, make sure that you use the same tax default in both the invoice setup and inventory setup (tax exclusive or tax inclusive)
  • You can also tick whether to show a payment advice cut-away on your invoices (useful if you receive cheques)
  • If you want to send out quotes, the draft invoice title should be changed to QUOTE
Save your changes

When you are finished editing, select the button “Options…” that is located at the top of the templates. From here you can change the invoice and credit notes prefix’s and we strongly recommend you to add your correct next invoice number in this area so that when you create a new invoice the number will automatically appear for you. This is especially important when you have migrated from another accounting system and want to keep your numbering consistent.

Save your changes.


To view your invoice please go to the accounts tab and select “Sales”. Create a new invoice by selecting the “New” button, add all the details for your next invoice. “Save” the invoice, then select the invoice by ticking it on the box located to the left and then press on the “Print” button. Notice that it will show as a draft invoice until it is approved by you. When you are satisfied with the layout approve the invoice and follow the steps in “Receivable Invoices“. If you want to edit anything follow the steps from the top again and then go to the “Accounts” tab, select “Sales”, select the draft status tab and tick the box to the left of the invoice that you added earlier and press the “Print” button to view the changes that you made.

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