New Online Accounting Package in the Next 3 Months?

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Acclipse and BankLink have just announced the expected launch of a new online accounting package with integrated bank feeds.
It does not include payroll or inventory, but invoicing & GST is promised to be part of it.

The most outstanding feature is its price at $5 per month. That is without bank feeds though. While the website iBizz only talks about additional costs for bank feeds, there are rumors of an additional $5 for that.

It comes at a time when Saasu is preparing for its first price rise in 3 years.

How to make a decision?

Bank feeds are great and a real time saver. But the key is how well the automated coding works. Xero has the most advanced self-learning bank feed data entry algorithm I have worked with. Entering the correct account for a transaction once will automatically prepare the same coding (including contact and description) when a similar transaction comes up again.

So we’ll have to see what iBizz is going to offer in that regard.

4 Responses to New Online Accounting Package in the Next 3 Months?

  1. C Gichard

    Many thanks for the heads-up on the Saasu subscription price increase. I haven’t seen it flagged elsewhere, even though I am an existing subscriber and keep a close eye on all things Saasu. I do think they should have announced this more directly.

    I was about to renew for another month at a time, but decided to pay for 12 months to lock in the current rate and get 1 month free.

  2. Alexander Kohl

    Saasu actually sent out an email today letting all users know about the price changes.

    I am glad you were able to lock in the better pricing for a year.

  3. Ben

    Maybe my calendar is broken but 3 months seem to have come and gone.

    I expect this to be a flop if it does eventuate anyway

    • Alexander Kohl

      Hi Ben,
      software projects always take longer than planned. Xero has caught onto that and is not giving any release dates anymore, other than saying “soon”.
      With Acclipse having been acquired recently, that might also lead to more delays and possible changes in their plans.

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