All Xero’ed Up

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Back from the Christmas break, we have already achieved 4 great new things this year:

  1. Karin is now a registered BAS agent.
  2. Bonnie is our third Xero certified consultant.
  3. We have finally been able to put the Xero sign on our door.
  4. And have publicly launched our new conversion service (Jet Convert) as a Xero Add-on partner.

Karin (newly registered BAS agent), our new Xero sign, Bonnie (newly certified Xero consultant) and Alexander (happy about the conversion service).

We’ve been running the conversion service for the past 6 months (and completed about 250 conversions), mainly focusing on our own clients and some large conversion clients. Now every accountant and bookkeeper can create beautiful conversions for their clients. All our conversions include full transactional history from the beginning of the financial year.

So all invoices, quotes, orders, credit notes, payments, bank transactions, general journals, contact details and items come across exactly as they were in MYOB. No need to go back to the old file. We offer that at a fixed price, no matter how large the file and you’ll have your Xero org ready within 3 working days of ordering the conversion.

Xero partners can benefit from special pricing or send their clients to the Jet Convert directly.

We look forward to another great year with Xero where the network grows and the connections strengthen. Wishing you a beautiful 2013.

2 Responses to All Xero’ed Up

  1. Raymond Cleaning

    Hi Alexander,
    That’s not such a good photo of you (I know better), so I’m guessing those girls are just models. I have questions about Xero and it’s MYOB conversion and transfers (on behalf of my brother), and on another tangent ‘who have you used for web pages (hosting & layout) and what control do you have’?
    Know you’re busy, so that’s it from moi.
    You have my number, would like to talk one day… about lots of things.

    • Alexander Kohl

      Thank you Raymond :)
      I’ll give you a call.

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