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Free MYOB to Xero conversions!

If you are currently using MYOB and would like to move Xero quickly and easily – our service is for you.

Courtesy of Xero you receive full transactional history, contacts, chart of accounts and payroll setup at no charge.

Start your free conversion now.

Save time in running your business. Streamline everyday processes, automate bank feeds, send and receive invoices electronically. Focus your time on running and growing your business.

Send invoices faster, see who has paid instantly, and chase those who have not. See expenses daily so you’re working off real-time cashflow figures.

See where your profits are coming from, know which products and services earn higher profit margins. Identify which clients to cross-sell services to.

Bookkeeping is a nuisance to most business owners. We want to help you shift from wasting time to turning your accounting into a useful business tool that improves the results you get from your business.

It is possible through Xero, an amazing online accounting package. Rather than spending time entering data, you can see how your business is performing and can focus on increasing profitability and improving cashflow.

All your bank transactions are automatically added on a daily basis. Xero is smart enough to learn what sort of expenses they are. So when they come up again, it already knows. Almost like artificial intelligence. For many clients, it will eliminate the need for a bookkeeper. That’s why we offer a self-serve option that gives you access to a trained Australian bookkeepers when you need it, but does not bog you down with expenses you can avoid.

Here is what we include:

  • Professional setup of Xero for your business.
  • Transfer of all your current year financial data from MYOB to Xero
  • Personal tour of Xero and fine-tuning the settings for maximum efficiency
  • If you have any questions, we’ll help you solve them

Using a cloud hosted accounting system means this data is available electronically from anywhere you have internet access, whether work or home computer, tablet or smart phone. It is always backed up, so you will never lose data. Security? Works the same way online banking is secured.

  • Secure cloud hosted accounting in Xero
  • 24/7 access from PC, Mac or Mobile Device
  • Paperless accounts – click, scan and save online
  • Business intelligence – real information to drive your business
  • Software set-up and data migration
  • Full bookkeeping service through an independent bookkeeper close to you

What do Clients say?

Casey Macneil
Macneil Marketing – Sunshine Coast
Alexander I am feeling a bit gleeful because I’ve just dispatched ten invoices and preparing another 10 – and it’s all been smooth and easy. Thanks so much for putting in the hard yards to make this system work!
Leonie Neville
Brisbane, Solar Consultant
I had my books done by these guys and they are fabulously efficient, always happy to answer my questions over phone. They simplify everything for me.

Why is Jet Bookkeeping Different?

Jet Bookkeeping empowers you to be on top of your financials in the minimum time possible. Our specialty is getting you started and moving you from MYOB to Xero. As Xero partners and MYOB approved bookkeepers, Jet Bookkeeping get you changed over reliably and quickly. We work differently from traditional bookkeepers in a number of ways.

Firstly, we actively encourage business owners to do their own books. Bookkeeping has been a real nuisance in the past, because it took so much time. With smart tools like Xero, a lot of the manual labour is reduced or eliminated. By adding some clear financial procedures, you are fully in control without spending a lot of time. When you have any specific questions, we are here for you to help you move ahead.

Naturally, there is a stage in every business where you need to focus on building the business, rather than looking after the books. Then we’ll have the right person we can recommend to you.

Secondly, we actively foster relationships with other bookkeepers. While working remotely is possible with cloud hosted accounting software and certainly reduces unnecessary costs, it is also good to meet face to face. So we do the work that can easily be done remotely in partnership with independent bookkeepers close to you who can really get to know you and your business intimately.

Thirdly, our team of experienced and qualified BAS agents and bookkeepers is complemented by IT people, a systems analyst and a programmer. This means we are constantly reviewing and improving tools to automate the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks.

Bookkeeping Services for Accountants and Bookkeepers

If you are a bookkeeper, we would like to get to know you. Our main bookkeeping service is the MYOB to Xero conversions. Please call us for the special professional pricing. We also want to send clients your way, so please leave your details for us.