Why Xero?

Xero frees your time and helps you make better business decisions. It allows access from anywhere, your computer, iPad or iPhone.

Data entry is greatly reduced through bank feeds that import all your bank transactions daily. All you have to do is decide what sort of expense something is and which one of your clients has paid you. The automated matching speeds this process up even further. It is almost like artificial intelligence – Xero learns from how you code things.

Debt collection can be managed in real time and with the help of statements that act as friendly reminders.

Xero includes detailed management reports that show you each month how your business is performing. You can use these reports to make better business decisions based on facts.

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The Xero story

Why is Xero so good for small businesses, and what is the story behind its development?
Learn from the joint founders of Xero, Rod Drury and Hamish Edwards, why they chose to build revolutionary online accounting software around what they always wanted as business owners.


Xero is designed with small to medium business users in mind

Xero was designed in conjunction with thousands of bookkeepers and accountants, and business owners to determine what they need and expect in a modern accounting system. The intuitive design and advanced features of Xero make accounting accessible and easy for accounting professionals and small businesses alike.

Xero allows you to share information seamlessly

Xero allows you and your clients to view and share information at the same time, anywhere any time. No sending large out of date files to and fro, no software upgrades for compatibility. Xero enables you to work collaboratively with your bookkeeping professional , giving you the information you need to make good business decisions.

Xero has robust features

Xero offers all the features of a full accrual accounting system, including invoicing, accounts payable, banking, advanced reporting, sales tax returns, expense claims, credit notes, general ledger, full reporting functionality and CRM. Annual reporting also includes notes to the accounts and reconciliation reports to help streamline annual tax returns with your accountant.

Xero automates bank feeds giving real time cashflow

Automated bank feeds from a wide range of financial institutions is available, reducing lag and data entry requirements. This gives a much more accurate cashflow analysis, and enables business owners to manage who they pay and when to ensure cashflow is maximised.

Xero software inclusions

Fixed assets, Budgeting, Annual accounts Production, Unlimited Users, No Software Setup Fees, Customer Support, Automatic Backups.

Why Xero is the leading online accounting package:

Some of the key features of Xero:

Businesses who have implemented Xero:

Custom shirt manufacturer Taylor Stitch use physical and online retail to sell their custom made fashion products. See how Xero integrated perfectly into their online and POS systems to make doing business easier.

Blue Chair Fruit manufactures and sells gourmet fruit condiments and products and cookbooks to budding connoisseurs. See how Xero helped them streamline their business.